We are designers, problem-solvers, strategists and artists.
We are a team with a unique mix of skills fused by our client-focused process, seeking to bring the best out of your business and brand.

Outside think


We believe in the transformational power that lies within creative thought. We believe that creativity not only has the ability to transform the way something looks, but also change the way it functions. At think we seek to enhance your business and brand through tackling each project with creative out of the box thinking, that ensures you're left with a result that is one to be noticed.

This is who we are, what we do - this is our passion. We're ready to take your product to the next level. 

Managing Director


Sam is an experienced youth mentor and advisor, making him an excellent people person and ambassador to our clients. There is in existence, photographic evidence that suggests Sam was hipster before hipster was cool. 

Likes: Chips
Dislikes: Pumpkin
Favourite Food: Chips
Hero: Bananaman
Desired Superpower: Billionaire Vigilante

Creative Director


Joshua has too many cats and not enough motorcycles. His dream is to either set a land-speed record on a motorcycle of his design or to go to space. The space option is looking more likely at present.

Likes: Ninjas
Dislikes: Peas
Favourite Food: Fried Rice
Hero: MacGyver
Desired Superpower: Telekinesis 

Digital Director


Outside of think, Tom is an experienced public speaker and youth mentor and successfully combines those skills as an educator at a specialist design academy. When Tom’s not locking his keys in his car, he enjoys travelling and design

Likes: Good UX
Dislikes: The spinning wheel of death
Favourite Food: Breakfast
Hero: Tony Stark
Desired Superpower: Teleportation



Given the chance, after initially making a few practical investments, Dylan would spend his lottery winnings on a Lamborghini. For now, as a talented and experienced animator and 3D artist, Dylan’s Subaru is getting the job done.

Likes: Headphones
Dislikes: Lint
Favourite Food: Pancakes
Hero: Sylvester Stalone
Desired Superpower: Super speed

Content Creator


As a resident photographer, videographer and editor, Mel can see a production from conception through to delivery. When Mel isn’t producing great photos and videos she enjoys textile art and creates her own leather accessories out of her local studio. An avid explorer, she once travelled the country in an old van armed only with a broken tripod for self defence.

Likes: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
Dislikes: Josh Gee
Favourite Food: Pineapple Chunks
Hero: Buffy
Desired Superpower: Invisibility

Content Creator


As the other Josh in the think family, Josh Gee quickly differentiated himself from the other Josh as a talented Black Metal vocalist. Josh can whistle at an extremely high frequency and his voice carries exceptionally well. He also makes amazing music videos and tells powerful and emotional stories with his editing skills.

Likes: Mel De Ruyter
Dislikes: Meat
Favourite Food: Sushi
Hero: John Calvin
Desired Superpower: Invincibility

​Lead Developer


As both an open source software and music enthusiast, Fred enjoys creating and developing music production tools. If maths was a superpower, Fred would be Superman. Incorrectly sized images would be his Kryptonite. Fred likes VIM.

Likes: VIM
Dislikes: EMACS
Favourite Food: Cookies
Hero: Yes
Desired Superpower: Luck



When we required an experienced cinematographer we really only needed someone who knew how to white balance. It turned out that Maarten knew what some of the other buttons on the camera did while also doing that blurry thing with the background, so he got the job. As a seasoned camera operator and feature film producer, Maarten brings an industrial knowledge to the team. When he’s not capturing beautiful vision, he likes to sail boats and grow beards.

Likes: Art
Dislikes: Underpants Gnomes
Favourite Food: Breakfast Burritos
Hero: Chuck Norris
Desired Superpower: Super Strength

Production Trainee


Lachlan initially came to us as the work experience kid but we couldn’t get him to leave. Rather than allow us to push him out the door, he shadowed us throughout the various aspects of production, quickly picking up the skills that now make him a valuable assistant. Lachlan very likely knows more about comic books than you do.

Likes: Video games
Dislikes: TV
Favourite Food: Chicken
Hero: The Simpsons version of Stephen Hawking
Desired Superpower: Telepathy