Our Empart partnership was one that took us all the way to South East Asia as we endeavoured to capture the heart and impact of the work in the field

Allowing photography
to remain the hero.

It's not hard to conclude that the best and most accurate way to communicate Empart's impact is through photography.

For this reason our team had had the privilege to head to field to see Empart's work with our own eyes. Our Goal to capture the extraordinary Stories of impact. Its with this collection of photography and videography that we began to build a website to tell these stories.

https://s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/static.teamthink.co/general-media/screencapture-empart-org-au-2020-10-29-12_36_53.png https://s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/static.teamthink.co/general-media/screencapture-empart-org-au-2020-10-29-12_36_53-copy.jpg https://s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/static.teamthink.co/general-media/empart_portfolio-2.jpeg https://s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/static.teamthink.co/general-media/empart_portfolio-2-copy.jpg https://s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/static.teamthink.co/general-media/empart_portfolio-1.jpeg https://s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/static.teamthink.co/general-media/empart_portfolio-2-copy-2.jpg https://s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/static.teamthink.co/general-media/empart_portfolio-3.jpeg https://s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/static.teamthink.co/general-media/empart_portfolio-3-copy.jpg

A modular approach
for flexibility across countries.

As an organisation operating in countries all around the world. Empart require a platform the would allow them to build each countries site a little different. With this in mind we designed and built the site with a sectional layout when blocks could be moved and rearranged as each countries team required.