2D, 3D, simple or stylised, we love creating beautiful animation.

2D Animation

With a recent resurgence in popularity, 2D animation can represent both clean and simple or artfully detailed situations. With experience across multiple disciplines, including traditional hand-drawn keyframes and Anime to complex character rigging, animation by think achieves results.

3D Animation

Our relationship with 3D animation dates back as far as 1995, running Lightwave on the Amiga platform. 3D animation has come a long way since then and our love for it hasn't wained in the slightest. Our artists have industry experience in modelling, scene development, lighting, visual effects, simulations and animation. The Amiga has since been swapped out for modern, purpose-built machines running industry standard software enabling us to deliver amazing results.

Explainer Videos

From finance instructional videos to demonstrating cutting edge medical products, explainer videos exist purely for one purpose; to convey information in an easy to understand and interesting format. Our explainer videos are carefully written and designed, with a great deal of attention paid to techniques required to retain audience attention and deliver the necessary message.

Motion Graphics

Sometimes it's easier to visualise data and information using animated infographics or animated metaphors. In these instances, motion graphics is an essential tool to simply convey what is potentially otherwise complex and intangible. We utilise our experience in design, storytelling, video and animation to express our motion graphics, turning a science into an art form.


Medical representation, robotic simulation, concept visualisation... All elements that are not necessarily easy to describe or capture on video, but translate to animated simulation beautifully. With the data and information you provide us, we can create a virtual representation of almost any product or situation.


Architectural concept videos, product concept visualisations - sometimes the best way to convey an idea is to represent it realistically so your audience can appreciate your vision the way you intended. We can create virtual prototypes of products and deliver photorealistic renders of architectural concepts. We can even seamlessly insert architectural concepts into video, making your design look as though it was filmed in real life.

Character Animation

Character animation literally gives your product personality. Whether it be simple, flat characters or complex rigged characters with a full emotive range and lip sync in either 2D or 3D, we can add character with characters to your next project.