Visual Media

Armed with over a decade of industry experience in film, television, video, motion graphics and animation, our team can make your dream production a reality.

TV Commercials

Television marketing can be an intimidating investment for a business to make, but our team’s experience and knowledge of the industry is both extensive and proven. With thousands of combined hours of TV programs, commercial production, film and live broadcast in our port folio you can be assured that we have a solution for your television and video needs.

Social Media

The measure of social media video success is more complex than simply uploading a video to a page. Social media videos are  created purposely, with careful consideration given to different cuts and sizes in order to prevent your audience from swiping past them. We can create videos tailored to both your audience and specific platforms and even analyse your audience to obtain an optimal production strategy and posting schedule.

Online Campaigns

An online campaign video is designed to supplement and enhance a broader campaign. We can ensure that the video aspect of your online campaign retains your overall design, remaining consistent with your strategy while still taking the visual media side of your promotion to a new level.

Story Analysis

At the heart of every successful production there is a solid foundation in narrative. Whether it be testimonials or interviews, product promotions or explainer videos, story is one of the most important tools to make a meaningful connection with your audience. Emotive, uplifting, informative or humorous, regardless of style or theme, we can tell your story.


Sometimes all it takes to elevate your brand is a new perspective. Sometimes that perspective requires elevation. The addition of aerial photography or video to your projects allows observers an alternative point of view. Our drone operators are not only experienced camera operators, but are qualified and licensed to fly in areas that may be restricted to general public flight.

Crowdfunding Videos

From board games to backpacks, shoelace clips to robots, our experience in targeting the specific needs of potential crowdfunding backers has aided in the success of many different campaigns on platforms such as Kickstarter, IndiGoGo and GoFundMe.

A COPYWRITER sits at his desk, deep in thought and
sharp with concentration he types furiously, all
the while allowing his thoughts to be spoken as he
crafts his most recent script. 
    Here at think, scripts are one
    of our favourite things. We can
    write scripts and copy for all
    types of media, including print,
    radio, television and film
    production. Our scripts are
    thoughtful, clever and informed
    and both roll beautifully off
    the tongue as spoken word and
    read effortlessly on page.
                                    FADE TO BLACK