Why choose Stories over
individual projects?

It’s all about strategy. By partnering with us on a Stories plan, we’re committing to provide you with relevant, timely content that tells your existing and potential customers what you’re doing today.

Break it down

For many businesses, content creation can become an afterthought. Who can blame you? Keeping up with delivering your service or products is big work, thinking ahead can be impossible.

Think developed Stories to solve this need. We work with you to make sure you are capturing all of the important business milestones, showcasing your products or services, and getting the content out to the right audience.


We’re able to offer Stories partners our services at a considerably lower rate, due to a monthly commitment. We estimate that our Stories partners receive content at approximately 25-50% less than a standard, individual project.

In short
• Month by month, with no lock-in contract
• Access to all of our services, as you require
• Our team of creative minds working collaboratively on your goals

What’s the problem?

Before laying a finger on a mouse or a camera, we need to work out what your needs are. Is it regular, relevant content that’s consistent across all of your client reaching platforms? Is it weekly website updates? Maybe it’s as simple as needing more people to eat at your restaurant on a Wednesday?

We start with a deep-dive meeting, to draw out your pain points.

1. Identify
your needs

How do we fix it?

Once we know the what, we get to work on the how.

Based on our deep-dive meeting, we list your goals and develop a 12 month overview strategy. Once defined, we can break down the specific deliverables that work towards achieving the best results.

2. Develop
a strategy

The ongoing strategy

You’ll receive a monthly update, reviewing delivered content and analytics, plus our strategy for your upcoming 2 months.

Plans change… We need to be ready for anything. Stories is flexible, we’re able to amend our deliverables as required. Have a last-minute sale? Let us know and we’ll get to work on your content strategy!

3. Deliver &

Customise your deliverables.

Starter vs Plus
Whats right for you?

A great starting point for monthly content we develop to help with engaging your audience. Stories Starter works best for social media, short videos, and simple graphic design.

Stories Plus includes strategy driven, big picture thinking, campaign style generating content and ideas that will help to reach organisational goals and KPI’s. We will work with you to ideate, solve problems and seek out new opportunities.

Practically we are able to contribute more of our time and effort into your organisation with Stories Plus, giving you access to all of our services.

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