Web Chro Poster Small


The minds behind webCHRO wanted to stress how internal management of human resources can cripple businesses and corporations, with their solution being a premium HR outsourcing service.

Ottseo Team Poster Small


Our friends at Over The Top SEO decided it was time to think outside the square and present their team and objectives in an engaging way. 

Florida House Rehab Poster Small

Florida House

At think, we believe narrative is an effective way to promote a product. FHE presented us with the opportunity to create a narrative-driven character animation to convey the concepts behind their unique services.

Charisma Poster Small

Charisma 4

TotalSoft, the creators of the Charisma family of applications wanted the functions of the Charisma 4 website recreated in a simplified manner in a product explainer video.

Zophonos Poster Small


When the creator of Zophonos sought us to create a proof of concept video for their patented and proprietary Sound Mapping System.

Owf Poster Small

OW Flowers

Flower bouquets have been presented in almost every way imaginable. That’s why we wanted to tell the story of the bouquet. 

Ottseo Carwash Poster Small


Over The Top SEO, as their namesake suggests like to make an impression by pushing the envelope and towards over the top.

Grenville Lionhearted Poster Small


It was early, it was minus five degrees Celsius and it was one of the most spectacular mornings you could imagine for filming a horse.

Loops App Poster Small


Patience is a virtue, and pays off particularly when communicating through a language barrier.

Clipits Main Poster Small


The creator of Clipits required a colourful and informative promotion describing the purpose and ease of their product and the array of options their customers were presented with

Things That You Do Poster Small


Working Class Hussys, a band based in Jersey, USA, desired a retro animation style for their “Things That You Do” music video.

Boreas Poster Small


Boreas presented us with the unique challenge of promoting an app and its purpose by showing its effectiveness in the real world rather than demonstrating the function of the app itself.