Fluid HTML Template

Fluid Feature

Fluid a as CSS Grid based Template. It is a simple, easy to use HTML template built for primary use as a freelancer resume webpage. It's minimal yet striking design is built to impress potential employers and clients. Whether you are a freelance designer/developer or a small startup, Fluid Template is a great way to show yourself off to your customers.

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Subtle Animations

Creating a Dynamic theme

We knew we wanted to create a background that was different to most. Our avenue to do this was through subtle yet noticeable animations of the larger circular background objects. This not only adds a point of difference to most landing pages, but increases the user engagement.

Taking it further

Animations Everywhere!

The subtle animations were cool and all, but sometimes subtlety is overrated. We thought, how can we make a typical website footer more exciting? The answer... Add a bunch of random floating shapes into it. Why not!

Fluid Banner