Landing Site

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A modern site for a modern company. BookMyGain are a financial services startup specialising in cryptocurrency investing using innovative approaches to shield their clients from the risk of crypto-investing while still ensuring strong returns. Working in such a cutting edge field, BookMyGain were searching for a landing site which would reflect this.

Time Matters

Users don't wait

Loading times on websites directly affect how users feel about a product or business. Slow loading times can also have a negative effect on conversion. Being able to deliver a fast web experience without incurring excessive service costs lead us to develop the site as a set of simple files. Since the site is just a small collection of files, rather than a complex application requiring database services and load-balancing, we can serve the site from anywhere in the world using a content delivery network. These services, normally reserved for serving images, can serve lots of files cheaply and quickly including the BookMyGain site.


Seeing is Believing

As part of the onboarding experience, BookMyGain were keen to incorporate a set of rich animations to introduce users to their product with more than just a wall of text. We developed a series of animations that the user steps through upon first encountering the site. The final animation as featured above, consists of two diverging and merging lines captures how their flagship Smart-Swap product effectively functions; the white line representing the user's investment, and the cyan line representing the management of alternate assets by the company.

Big and Small

Every Device

The BookMyGain site contains lots of information displayed in many different formats. Enabling this information to be interactive and accessible on every device was a persistent challenge for development. Aside from detecting screen widths, the site also reacts to touch only devices to provide the ability to browse information in ways natural to the user's device. Careful attention to gentle acceleration of a roadmap timeline, or rearranging information from horizontal to vertical layout on the fly enables an inclusive experience while still enabling content flexibility down the track. The entire site is generated is response to, but seperate from, the textual content the site contains. If BookMyGain need to change their content, they can do so and the site will adapt for them, a critical feature for a startup.