SB Backpack

Sambucket Thumb

Italy-based designer, Sambucket required a crowdfunding video to promote their newest product, the SB Backpack. They wanted to portray the SB Backpack as a compliment to lifestyles.

Post Production


Shooting on large format industry cameras gives us the advantage of a full colour dynamic range. This means colours can be pushed further in post production to achieve the look you desire. In this case, we subtly emphasised the warmer colours in the shots to match the nostalgic and comforting tones that were developed for this promotion.

Sambucket Colour

Post Production

Motion Graphics

The challenge faced while titling the SB Backpack video was to not take away from the warmth and tone of the underlying video. The decision was made to ad unobtrusive, minimal titling to emphasise features with tracked targets.

The Final Product