Burger Junkie

TV Commercial

Burger Junkie Thumb

Burger Junkie wanted to convey the atmosphere and variety of their restaurant as a point of difference to other burger places. Our TVC needed to convey that same uniqueness.

Post Production


Shooting on large format industry cameras gives us the advantage of a full colour dynamic range. This means colours can be pushed further in post production to achieve the look you desire. In this case, we subtly emphasised the warmer colours in the shots to match the nostalgic and comforting tones that were developed for this promotion.

Burger Junkie Colour

Post Production

Logo Animation

Giving life to Burger Junkie's logo was essential to finish the commercial with the same energy carried through the body of the product. To achieve the stylised logo reveal, a particle simulation system was used for the sparks, while a fractal noise was applied to the logo paths and coloured and warped to achieve the flames.

The Final Product