That Old H.R. Devil

Web Chro Thumb

When the WebCHRO team in India told us they wanted an explainer without data or stats, HR Devil was born - a poet, a thinker, an all round bad guy for a new style of explainer video.




Lip Sync

To characterise HR Devil, it was important to correctly lip sync the mouth to match the voice over artist's recording. Since the lip sync was performed manually for this project, we turned to mouth shapes, or Phonemes designed by Disney studios.

Mouths Cropped



In order to create a new explainer, we had to think outside the box. Not being restricted to only conveying information, as is the norm with explainer videos, we had the opportunity to make something entirely different to the norm. To make it as unique as possible, we wrote the narrative as a poem, telling the tale of HR Devil and recreated the story as though it were told by children performing a popsicle stick puppet show.

The Finished Product